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For over 40 years, the Marins Group operates in management, consulting and audit of financial resources, property, tax and legal issues for large companies.

Our goal is to offer our customers a personalized and efficient service. We understand the need to know in depth the performance of each client areas and monitor their progress to develop technical and technological knowledge relevant to their activities, and to be attentive to the private sector issues to their business branch.

We now have offices in the main capitals and cities in Brazil, as well as a plant in Orlando, Florida, in the United States. All offices have a team specialized and experienced ready to solve issues that require high skill and complexity.

After all, our priority is excellence in service delivery and great performance in solving issues related to financial, accounting, tax and legal.

Nowadays we live in a globalized world where people and businesses are increasingly transnational. Because of their proximity, the United States and Brazil have developed throughout the years a strong business relationship. There is a continuous influx of American businesses penetrating the Brazilian markets targeting industrial activities and services for all of South America, while the opposite is being held by Brazilian executives and investors seeking real estate opportunities and long-term financial stability in the US. Although these markets are accessible and full of opportunities, there are challenges and risks in both countries, which if not properly planned could jeopardize not only your new, but current ventures and investments. Aware of these limiting factors, the Marins Consulting was created by investment funds already active in both countries, aiming to use its experience in the United States and Brazil to facilitate the integration of investors between the two countries. With the knowledge of experienced consultants and strategic partners in several areas of the corporate world, Fortress Group has teams in Orlando, Florida and Ribeirão Preto, Brazil fully supporting its operations.

Today, United States and Brazil are two of the most important economies in the world and Marins Consulting will assist its clients in those diverse cultured atmospheres, helping potential investors with qualified local assistance, as well as the lack of business habits and language barriers imposed on a foreign investor in either country. The Marins Consulting team in the United States is consisted of, but not limited to, Brazilians and Americans consultants as well as partners in strategic areas. Therefore, a potential new business starting in the United States or Brazil will be analyzed from different and yet, integrated perspectives. Our group of Brazilian and American consultants will analyze your business and ensure the best course of action is taken while keeping in mind the impact of local and international taxes and all legal matters due to its respective countries. Marins Consulting also has a Brazilian lawyer in house, with years of experience in the corporate world capable of instantly analyzing all aspects of the proposed deal making actual recommendations that can be applied to your corporate operations in Brazil, assuring that your investments are planned properly and securely.

Marins Consulting has a full service structure to serve its American clients in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil. Our foreign clients will be assisted on opening bank accounts, making real estate purchases, closing and recording contracts, as well all immigration issues without leaving the convenience of our offices in Brazil. We can provide you in Brazil strategic alliances with top companies from several different industries, consulting and Real Estate. The Marins Consulting can also provide financial support with, banks and or by investing its own capital on certain selected projects. This is partnership, where relationship matters!

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At Marins Consulting, client satisfaction is the first priority. We understand the needs of our corporate clients and know how to meet their needs, either in United States or Brazil. Through the skills of years of experience and with strong dedication, Marins Consulting Legal has established a reputation of delivering superb legal advice and results. Whether you are a large national client, an individual or an international corporation, the Marins Consulting Legal team had the correct answer to your needs.

The legal advice in the corporate environment is different from other areas, because requires that the professionals have a broad and multidisciplinary view of the business world. Unlike common lawyers, business advisors should anticipate legal problems and find legal ways to eliminate or minimize risk levels determined by each situation. An entrepreneur does not seek to hear “nos” from a corporate lawyer but, instead, want a safe way of doing business the way we wants or its business needs. This is the spirit of the legal counsel at Marins Consulting.

The Marins Consulting can offer you a complete legal landscape or what you can expect to do business with corporations and government in Brazil and the U.S. how this may impact your business.

We have a group of consultants and lawyers with experience in the corporate area in both countries, able to meet all your needs, no matter what the size of your business or where it is located. Issues of public law (bidding), tax law, commercial law, corporate law, international law, labor law and electronic law are among the areas in which our local teams in the United States and Brazil could assist you.

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For many years Marins Consulting has helped business buyers and sellers realize and fulfill their goals. Buying a profitable company is an effective strategy for entrepreneurs to successfully get into a business, or expand what they already have. We understand how challenging it can be to get a deal accomplished, our talented staff have experienced first-hand many of the pitfalls and obstacles that investors will overcome. Marins Consulting will ensure a smooth and burden-free transition for both buyers and sellers.

For a number of reasons, many business-acquisition opportunities aren’t always widely known or advertised. Through its excellent reputation and vast direct network of business owners, investment bankers, mezzanine lenders, brokers and venture capitalists, Marins Consulting has access to a long repertoire of business opportunities that continue to grow every day. With years of expertise in industries ranging from manufacturing of goods, wholesale and retail, franchises, construction and development, hospitality, real estate, e-commerce and many more, Marins Consulting can offer endless and unique opportunities.

Whether you are an experienced investor or not, the first step must be to educate yourself on all of the planning and preparation needed during the sale of a business. With strategically placed teams in both Brazil and US territories, Marins Consulting will provide in depth research and due diligences from legal counselors, negotiators, business appraisers, auditors and management consulters. You will receive a complete dossier of detailed analyses of the business opportunity.

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Marins Consulting is known for providing excellent and innovative services ensuring that all of your goals are met. Combining the expertise of over a decade, our staff and strategic partners are able to customize a portfolio of 1 or 100 properties providing detailed assistance on all your needs from buying, selling, closing and managing.

Whether you are a Local or International client, we will guarantee that the best course of action is taken to obtain and secure your financial success without any unexpected inconveniences.

Real estate investing begins with finding the right property for your needs, but it doesn’t end there. Whether you wish to buy, sell, manage, rent or finance, Marins Consulting has years of experience turning complex situations into simple and comprehensive scenarios.

Today, we have a buyer’s market with an estimated amount of over 550,000 listed properties in Florida alone. With strong and efficient alliances, Marins Consulting has the capacity to exceed all of your needs in all of the United States and Brazilian territory. For our International Investor penetrating a new and foreign market, we have a one stop shop and customized plan especially for you.

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Marins Consulting Management incorporates financial planning, investment & portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. We work with high-net-worth individuals, small-business owners and families who desire the assistance of a credentialed financial advisory specialist call upon wealth managers to coordinate retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and investment management in a VIP way.

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